...ready to grow?

A Virtual Journey for Bold Changemakers

How do we make sense of this challenging time together?

How do we bridge the past, present, and future to create a new, more flourishing, reality?

What needs to change? As changemakers, are we ready to ‘be the change’?



Over the past 11 years, we have been hosting powerful holding spaces online for changemakers exploring the cutting edge of co-creation and transformational skills,  methods, mindsets, and actions.


We want to tap into the vibrant global practitioner community,
offering cutting edge participatory sessions and opportunities to connect with others around the world sharing their knowledge and expertise.


Organizational transformation is possible!
Let's co-create responses to global challenges as a group of professionals that care about the future of their organization!


Welcome to the 2020 Leadership Online Summit

We’re delighted to have you join us for this online gathering. From July 13-15th we’ll be exploring what it means to cultivate leadership in the 21st century and what it takes to lead in times of uncertainty and disruption.

I’ve invited some of our favorite teaching partners as well as some new voices to share their wisdom, expertise, and coaching wisdom with you. As well as the sense-making and inquiring they too are currently engaged in around what forms of leadership are required and how we as professionals can help those take shape and have an impact. 

During the event this page will be the virtual home of the summit.


In the top menu, you can easily navigate directly to the individual session pages for each of the different categories of sessions offered at the event. To offer you a deeply rich experience there will be live Workshops, live LightHouse Sessions with keynote speakers, pre-recorded "Hot Seat" Interviews with important people, Interactive, open-ended sessions called Garden Walks, and live Fireside Chats for intimate conversations with your peers.

On those individual session pages, you can find a short outline of the session, book it into your calendar automatically if it’s a live session, and find all the sessions materials as they become available. The session recordings will be made available within 5 hours after the live session.

The overview of all live sessions can be accessed by clicking here.

Click each session’s name below to explore it.

  Lighthouse Sessions Online keynote sessions in ZOOM

       Live Workshops Online sessions in ADOBE CONNECT

    "Hot seat" Interviews Pre-recorded interviews released during the event

   Garden Walks Large groups breakout sessions in ZOOM/QIQOchat

   Fireside Chats Small group facilitated reflections in ZOOM

Introduce Yourself!

We’d love to learn who you are, where you’re from, your background, why you’re joining the summit and what you’re most curious/excited about ;)


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